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Particular house in Trinidad Cuba
Particular house in Trinidad Cuba
How to Book or Contact with us:

You can request information or booking writing to us or filling the Reserve form,  we will confirm your reservation with pleasure or we can negotiate lodging in another Hostel if you prefer.
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Number of Rooms: - 2 -

Description of the house:
Beautiful house that have an ample air-conditioned room, in upper floors, independent of the rest of the house, with private bathroom, he has also a beautiful terrace very well decorated, where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view to the city, to the sea and the mountains.

Location of the Hostel :
This finds itself located in a central street of the city of Trinity  only to 20 meters of the house of the Trova and very near the Plaza Mayor, with very easy access to all the centers of attraction tourist, bus station, stop of taxis, stores, coffee shops, restaurants, coffee Internet and zones of leisure. A quiet, safe and illuminated street.

Mr. Fidel Lopez
Mrs. Yesenia Noguez

Fernando Hernández Echerri (Calle Cristo) # 9 Between Jesús Menéndez (Alameda) y Ernesto Valdéz Muñoz (Media Luna)Street. Trinidad. Sancti Spíritus. Cuba.

We rented 2 rooms equipped with the following:

- Food Services (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Services of drinks and cocktails.
- Laundry Service.
- Telephone.
- Parking.

Other Services:
- 24 hour reception.
- Pick up bus station.
- We accept Cubans (Legal Documents)

Room 1 Double

Room 2 Double
- Double Beds 


- Personal Beds


- Air Conditioning

- Cold and Hot Water

- Private Bathroom

- Minibar

- Fans

Room x Night:
- High Season 25.00 CUC
- Low Season 20.00 CUC

Price Breakfast:
3.00 CUC - 5.00 CUC
(According to menu)

Price Lunch:
8.00 CUC - 12.00 CUC
(According to menu)
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Make your Booking
Fidel and Yesenia Hostel
Fidel and Yesenia Hostel
Fidel and Yesenia Hostel
Fidel and Yesenia Hostel
Fidel and Yesenia Hostel
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House for rent in Trinidad Cuba